Marisa L. Chan, Psy.D. Bio

Marisa L. Chan, Psy.D.

    Forming a relationship with my first child brought to life how our early interactions impact how we connect with people later in life and shapes our future behavior. When pregnant I began to ponder on the type of parent I wanted to be; how I was going to raise my son and meet his physical, mental, and emotional needs. After the birth of my son, I was faced with how my actions as a single mother would impact him and his development. Embarking on a journey to develop my identity as a single parent caused me to reflect on my own childhood. I re-examined how my mother parented me and the type of relationship we had and how our interactions influenced my personality development and behavior.
    My journey led me to scrutinize my own attachment style and how my early interactions with my mother formed how I attach to people and interact with the world around me. Through my own work and research I found truth and insight in attachment theory and the impact of early interactions. In going through the process of my therapeutic work and research I unearthed feelings of abandonment and loss that stemmed from my childhood, which cause complications in my adult relationships. This time allowed for momentous personal growth where I learned that I did not have to be a perfect daughter, mother, student, therapist, and parenting coach.
   My personal experience as parent of three children, wife, therapist, and now parenting coach led to a commitment to help fellow parents find their path in parenthood. I bring years of experience, knowledge, patience, and understanding to aid parents discover their parenting style and bring balance to their family. A very wise woman once said, “train your children young, so you can enjoy them later,” my mother.