Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Parent Coach?

 A parent coach is someone who helps parents with parenting challenges by offering alternative perspectives around family situations, uncovering strategies to shift behaviour and family dynamics and helping parents achieve their parenting goals. 

How Coaching and therapy are different?

 In Parent Coaching, the underlying assumption is that the client is well and resourceful and can handle his or her life. In psychotherapy, the assumption is to treat the symptoms and underlying causes. Both coaching and also psychotherapy or counseling can play a role in our lives depending upon our abilities to manage your emotions and our realities. 

Is a Parent Coach right for me?

Parents are bombarded with information on how to raise kids and figuring which methods works best or even using multiple methods to raising can be confusing. And with everything parents do, who has time to read all the books, take seminars, and read articles.

 A parenting coach can:

  • help you identify pressing issues and pinpoint areas of conflict in your family
  • support you as you work to create change in your relationship with your child
  • provide tailor-made solutions to shift away from struggle and into ease with your children.

What's to lose

Still not sure if Parent Coaching is right for you? Call us to schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation to determine if we can help! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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